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January Blog Post: Self-Care IS Skin-Care

Happy New Year! 2024 is here and I am so excited for what is to come. I have been open for business for two months and so far and I am having such a great time with my existing clients. We are talking about more than just skin care! The answers often come from overall self care. Self care is so much more than scheduling a mani-pedi, massage or a facial. I enjoy indulging in these self care activities but it's the daily habits that add up to a self care routine that work to bring balance to your body and ultimately your skin.

Most clients who seek skin care advice come to me to address a specific condition. Common conditions include:

  • Hyperpigmentation/Dark Spots

  • Fine Lines/Wrinkles/Loss of Elasticity

  • Acne/Breakouts

  • Ingrown Hair

  • Excessively Dry Skin/Dry Patches

  • Sensitive Skin

As a Licensed Esthetician, I am focused on these visible conditions because they are of concern to my client. However, I am also focused on the root cause of why these conditions are presenting on the surface of the skin. There are a number of organ systems that allow the body to function:

  1. Respiratory System

  2. Endocrine System

  3. Muscular System

  4. Nervous System

  5. Skeletal System

  6. Reproductive System

  7. Digestive System

  8. Excretory System

  9. Lymphatic System

  10. Circulatory System

With this perspective, there is so much more to explore! The skin is part of the Excretory system along with other forms of elimination. Give some thought to the health of the organs within each system of the body. These organs affected by diet, medication, hormonal imbalances, mineral absorption/deficiencies. What going on in the body comes out on the SKIN!

Here are a few ways to address the overall health of the body:

  • Eating Habits - What you eat and drink positively impact your overall health

  • Exercise - Move the body to increase oxygen intake and blood flow through the body for healing

  • Get occasional blood work to identify imbalances and/or mineral deficiencies

  • Our mental and emotional state releases hormones in the body affecting all the organs, including the skin

If you are interested in exploring practical methods to address the internal organ systems to support your journey to healthy, balanced skin, Join my Private Facebook Group!

We are currently in a Sunday Reset series. Every Sunday, I will post tips and strategies in the Facebook group to support your self-care goals. Topics include meditation, beverage and food recipes, exercise and so much more!

Disclaimer: This blog post is for advice only and does not guarantee specific health outcomes. Please consult your health care provider for appropriate testing and subsequent care.

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